Loft Conversions

Why Convert My Loft?

Need extra space? Then why not consider a loft conversion. When compared with all the hassle, stress and associated costs of moving, a loft conversion could prove a more cost effective less disruptive option. Sandford Homes offer a free site visit and appraisal to asses your lofts suitability for conversion, just get in touch via the contacts page and a member of staff will be happy to arrange an appointment.

Increase the Value of Your Home! In most cases the value of your home may increase by around 20%, thats an uplift of £80,000 on a property with an existing value of £400,000, significantly more than the cost of your average conversion project. 

Need More Storage Space? Not the most exciting reason for a loft conversion, but worth considering, most unconverted lofts tend to be dark, dusty and poorly orgsanised spaces, many of which contain important personal belongings and family memories, a loft conversion can incorperate clean, light, well organised and accessable storage solutions.

Carbon Footprint! There are around 26 million residential properties in the UK, a large number of these fall a long way short of having the correct levels of insulation, heat loss through the roof structure being one of the main contributers to this problem. A loft conversion will improve the thermal efficiency of your property, reduce energy costs and the planet will be grateful to.

Sandford Homes provide a complete service from conception, design/planning and construction, delivering a turn key solution for your home. Please get in touch via the contacts page, we will be happy to help.

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